For now, I am interested in the idea of the state of being temporary. Or, maybe I should I call it the illusion of permanence. Africa and the life I have chosen for the moment has the effect of putting a lot of things into question.

I am here in Africa on contract for one year. Canada is 11,500 kms and 18 hours away (flying time only; 30 hours travel time). Thanks to the Internet, I am able to read (on my iPhone of course) the NYTimes, Le Monde, Bloomberg, the Globe and Mail, BBC World News. Can there be anything more temporary than the news? So I am here, but a grain of sand, in this huge continent, betwixt a past (at least as career and loves are concerned) and the future, occupying my little space (rented), always coming back from going away to going away again – the nature of my new career. This job has the effect of making me very conscious of leaving and returning, the people I deal with both as colleagues and ‘clients’ do the same; indeed, I think the toing and froing mutually reinforces a sense of occupying spaces in transition.

A pic of my temporary abode:

Music I’m listening to.

Every now and then I am possessed by a strong urge to listen to music I either haven’t heard in a long time or to something altogether new. Having now become a self-confessed addict of my iPod Classic and my iPhone (I’m writing these words in the garden on the iPhone in the late afternoon listening to the very beautiful Little Match Girl Passion. The iPod is docked onto the Bose Soundock portable and since it is the end of winter here in Namibia, the birds of spring accompany the Passion.)

So, this week, I went a little crazy in the iTunes store and got some really great rockin’ music, some more blues of course, and my beloved classical.

Sports : Huey Lewis and the News (I just had a huge urge to rock to this truly great bar band!)
Derek and the Dominos : Layla
East-West : Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Modern Times : Bob Dylan (I would be ready to bet a beer that the harmony in Chopin’s piano étude inspired Dylan)
Best of Blondie : Blondie (can we melt?)
Black Byrd : Donald Byrd

The Little match girl passion : David Lang; Theatre of Voices, Paul Hillier & Ars nova Copenhagen (soaring, glorious music to a very sad story)
Mozart, Berg: Gran Partita (the one with the floating clarinet at the start of the 3rd movement); Kammeramusik, Mitsuko Uchida
Lamenti : Emmanuelle Haïm & Le Concert d’Astrée
Song of songs : Stile Antico
Debussy, Ravel, Faure String Quartets : Quatuor Ebène
Beethoven piano sonatas, vol 4 : Paul Lewis (there is a warmth to his Beethoven and a such a clear sense of voice-leading)

All this beautiful music makes my spirit fly and fly into the sky!

© Frederic Borgatta and Fredericsblog, 2009

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