Summer in Windhoek

It is summer time now in Namibia. The temperatures hover around 34 C during the day, dropping to the low twenties at night. The rainy season has yet to start. The skys during the day are a deep blue, colours are saturated and the air is dry. It has started to become windy however and although the streets are paved, there is also a lot of dust kicked up from fields scattered everywhere.

My lemon tree is going stronger than ever, producing a prodigious quantity of lemons. The base of the tree is littered with ripe fruit. The grapefruit trees are starting to bud after producing flowers the scent of which is reminiscent of lavender trees. It appears that there are two grapefruit harvests to be had during the year. I look forward to watching their progress from small bud to full-sized fruit.

Music I’m listening to:

Late Beethoven sonatas, Andras Schiff at the keyboard. These are conversations, almost inner dialogues. Schiff thinks they represent Beethoven’s thanks to life.
Schubert: Winterreise: Mark Padmore, tenor, Paul Lewis, piano.
Handel: Between heaven and earth, arias sung by Sandrine Piau, soprano – gorgeous music
David Bowie: The Essential David Bowie – both a trip down memory lane and a marvel of good pop music. No question, Bowie is a wonderful melodist.

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