Website tweaked

I’ve tweaked the ‘popcorn’ section of the site by re-arranging the image sequence ( [Update: now deleted and in process of revision]. The images found there address really the art of seeing and pointing: amusing juxtapositions, ironies, moments that but for my presence would never have been recorded and that disappear just as quickly.

The issues I raised before about photo books and sequencing remain a concern and, I suspect, will be on-going. As this sequence is a work in progress, and thus subject to on-going revision. All of which led me to re-read the amazing series of books, long out of print, on The Work of Atget published by MOMA in the early ’80s, sparked in part by the essays that I started to read by Tod Papageorge in Core Curriculum. For now though the struggle of getting my work ‘out there’ has been interesting to say the least – at least I have a website now that is coherent from the points of view of content and graphic design.

The debate over the sheer quantity of bits and bytes found on the Internet (and before that billions of prints spewed out by photo labs all over the world) is for me uninteresting and irrelevant. What is interesting I believe is that the urge to create and share is at the core of human nature. Machines/devices/sites that help us do that are more than welcome and in fact are making some people very rich (sadly, not me).  I think it’s important to know the medium in which one works and its history. The more one knows his/her medium, the more it is possible to determine the extent to which the art on display in museums and galleries has currency. And the more one can decide where his or her art fits into the medium’s history. There is a lot of chaff to separate from the wheat.

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