A new adventure

In December of 2013, I decided to do another master’s degree, this time in fine arts (photography). I want(ed) to take my art to the next level and to do so in a rigorous, critical environment. I applied in mid-January and was accepted for the fall term in September 2014. So, back to school full-time!!
Fundamentally, I see my artistic development as very much a function of a willingness to be vulnerable, both intellectually and artistically, to make images and with them tell stories that reflect what I feel in my heart and know in my head. This is not to say that my photography will be nothing more than illustrations of a prior concept; rather, allowing for vulnerability introduces an element of discovery. With discovery and a willingness to go deep in oneself and embrace the path s/he is on, I believe you can create an art that is honest and speaks to your humanity. The values of honesty and integrity in art-making are for me critical to growth.
In a world where billions upon billions of images of every kind have been made since the inception of the camera image-making machine**, the only way I can make art that speaks to me is by being true to myself. This entry then marks the first about this new adventure I have begun. And this now in my early sixties; it’s never too late start – right?

**See Trevor Paglen’s series of articles on this topic.

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