Here’s an extract from my MFA research proposal that situates in part my art:

“Reflecting perhaps my willingness to think about the experience of places and spaces in my own life, and approaching my work from a visual literacy point of view as I just mentioned, my interest now centres on exploring ideas around abandonment and displacement ….

In my recent work I consider a moment in the street and its mysteries as a means to witness the unobservable in human behaviour: the border between the unintended expression of a daydream and the immediate world around. A thin line that expresses the inner monologue each of us has every day, that sometimes seem to be more apparent than we would like. These moments of stillness, frozen not only by my camera but reflecting an interior dialogue, merge the private with the public. This inner conversation of course, can be about anything but is it not in some way about an ‘elsewhere’, a displacement of some kind?

Reduced to a concept, I am interested in spaces and places, psychic and physical, as metonyms, the thing that expresses the inherent meaning of an image (Barthe’s punctum), derived from the elements in the image itself or that acts as a trigger for an association in the viewer’s mind. That I also use other rhetorical devices such as metaphor, irony and humour brings additional layers of meaning to the image itself.”

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