Brandenburg Tor + Siegessäule (Victory Column)

A selfie (of course) at Brandenburg Gate. I call this pic Cap, Glasses and Nose at the Brandenburg Gate. Then walked 2 km. through the Teirgarten to the Victory Column.


From the B-Gate the column doesn’t look that far butIMG_7309you can tell that it’s going to be big. And big it is when I finally arrived. One has such a sense of history here: this old roundabout, the scene of 19th victory parades, Nazi military displays, and now New Year’s parties. To get to it, one must descend stairs through a neo-classical entrance on the outer edge of the traffic circle and then continue on by tunnel to exit on the side opposite. (The system was apparently designed by Albert Speer in 1941). Up close, the reliefs covering the entire circumference of the column show battle scenes, missing heads and limbs from being transported by the French to Paris and back intentionally left unrestored.
I decided to climb the very narrow circular staircase to the top in the heat, around 500+ steps and negotiate the space with those coming down. I won’t claim to having not rested a couple of times along the way. Finally at the top, again very crowded due to the narrow ramp around the top. Still, the view is certainly spectacular, and looking up one can see the glowing bronze sculpture of Victoria. The trip down was easier. Retracing my steps, I hunted around for something to eat and had my first Berlin Currywurst, basically a hotdog with curry and tomato sauce served in a paper boat and comes with a tiny plastic fork. Ok, did the job.


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