Neues Museum + Bode-Museum

Museum madness day 1!! The Neues, Alte Nationalgalerie and the Pergamon museums are all co-located on Museuminsel in the heart of Berlin. It’s cheaper buying a pass to all of the museums. A line-up for the tickets and then line-ups for each museum. Indeed, for the Pergamon they post signs along the line-up indicating the number of hours remaining before entering. Since there was no line-up to the Neues I started there.

Housed in a superb building constructed in the early 19th century it houses prehistoric objects, antiquities and Egyptian art. The most famous of the latter being the portrait in sculpture of Queen Nefertiti (no photographs allowed, images below copyright Neues Museum).


Kalkstein, Stuck, bemalt (Amenophis (Amenhotep) IV. / Echnaton (1351 - 1334 v.Chr.)) von   Thutmosis   Objektmaß 49 x 24,5 x 35 cm  en face  Inventar-Nr.: ÄM 21300  Grabungsort (Ortsteil): Anwesen / Raum 19 (7) / P / 47.02  Grabungsort (Land): Ägypten  Grabungsort (Ort): Amarna  Person: Nofretete [14. Jh.v.Chr.], Königin von Ägypten, Gemahlin des Echnaton (Amenophis IV.), 18. Dynastie  Motiv 35 von 47  Systematik:   Personen / Antike / Porträts / Nofretete / en face

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