Photobooks acquired in 2013, Part 1

I thought it would be interesting to list the photobooks I acquired in 2013 and comment on those that I gravitate to more frequently than others. Each one is interesting and I find that as my understanding of my photography and contemporary photography changes so too for those photobooks that at first I found less appealing. I think that being able to describe why certain books hold more appeal than others or for which my understanding changed is part of the process of deepening one’s visual literacy and hence one’s image-making as a practicing artist. So this post is Part 1 of 2 where I explore these ideas.

Here then is the list of books, most of which are now, not surprisingly, out of print. Photobook press runs are quite small in general. (I have marked my favourites with an ‘*’, even if I hold each one in very high regard.)

Author Title
Adams, R. The Place We Live
Brodie, M. A Period of Juvenile Prosperity
Callahan, H. Harry Callahan
Carrier, J. Elementary Calculus *
Ferrato, D. Love and Lust
Ghirri, L. Kodachrome
Gill, S. B-Sides
Coming up for air
Gossage, J. The 32nd Ruler
The Pond *
Gowin, E. Photographs
Emmett Gowin *
Graham, P. American Night
A Shimmer of Possibility
The Present *
Hasselblad Award 2009 Graciela Iturbide
Israel, Y. The Quest for the Man on the White Donkey
Kawauchi, R. Ametsuchi
Leiter, S. Saul Leiter
Lutz, J. Hesitating Beauty
Maier, V. Street Photographer
Moore, D. Pictures from the real world
Moriyama, D. Reflection and Refraction
Parr, M., and Badger, G. The Photobook: A History Vol. 1 *
The Photobook: A History Vol. 2 *
Sammallahti, P. Here Far Away
Sugimoto, H. Hiroshi Sugimoto
Winship, V. She Dances on Jackson *
Yukichi, W. A Criminal Investigation